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Lemon Scrub 4oz

Lemon Scrub 4oz

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*Tumeric acts as a natural brightening agent that helps to fend off free radicals that damage skin.

*Lemon essential oil helps to brighten the skin naturally

*Avacado oil reduces the signs of aging that usually appear on the skin, it also helps with the skin's elasticity and prevents/ treats acne

*Vitamin E has been long used to help prevent and fade scars. Also acts as a natural preservative to maintain freshness

*Powdered Honey acts as a brighting agent, making skin look more youthful. It lightens scars naturally helping to repair damaged skin

*Teatree oil acts as a great antiseptic. It removed bacteria from the skin

Organic sugar helps to lighten and smooth the skin and diminish scars. the glycol acid in the iron sugar naturally makes the skin lighter. The sugar also acts as an exfoliant removing dead skin.

To use: apply to clean skin in a circular motion and rinse. It will cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
This product can be used on the face 1-2 times a week and on all other areas of the body that you wish to lightening naturally.

(Tumeric does act as a natural dye so please use a glove when using as it may stain your finger nails, surfaces, or towels. It will not stain clothing or towels )

Wash off with warm water and apply toner of choice, dry face then apply natural moisturizer
I suggest using Yemaya glow oil or scar eraser cream 🤍 (sold separately)

**Store in the refrigerator to maintain freshness (optional)
Please note. The color of the scrub may change due to Tumeric may be orange or yellow in color

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